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Nigel Gaisie drops prophecies about ‘Umuofia’ with details from Ghana GhanammaJan 1, 2022

The highly anticipated December 31, 2021, watch night service at the Prophetic Hill Chapel came off as promised, with Prophet Nigel Gaisie making several prophecies concerning the events of the year 2022.

With a police directive against prophecies that are likely to cause “fear and panic,” Prophet Nigel adopted a strategy to deliver his prophecies about Ghana without directly referring to the country.

Right before delving into his prophecies, the controversial pastor issued a disclaimer saying his prophecies will be about a nation called Umuofia and not Ghana.

According to him, when the lord manifested the prophecies to him in the spirit, it was for the nation of Umuofia and not Ghana.

Strikingly, however, were the similarities between details about the nation of Umuofia and Ghana as disclosed in his prophecies.

From names of individuals, regions, towns, institutions, political parties and elections, Prophet Nigel Gaisie delivered dozens of prophecies about the nation of Umuofia with details that directly point to Ghana. He also prophesied about other foreign countries.

Some Prophecies by Nigel Gaisie about Umuofia (Ghana)
“I saw a heavy cloud like the cloud of darkness covering the head of state of Umuofia. Let’s take this prophecy very seriously, I saw a cloud of darkness covering the head of state of Umuofia. I saw that his deputy is using mediums to trigger the quick passing away of the head of state. I saw in the realm of the spirit that the shoe of the big man is being worn by the deputy. I saw in the nation of Umuofia that something that has happened there is about to reoccur again,” he stated.

Prophet Nigel also warned of a terror attack in the nation of Umuofia. He warned that a pending explosive attack will occur in the nation of Umuofia and that the attack will be an external one with internal collaboration.

Without mincing words, Prophet Nigel said the Lord revealed to him that former President John Dramani Mahama will win power in 2024 but warned that the current government of “Umuofia” will do everything to subvert the ballot.

“The hand of the Lord rested upon me and carried me into the election of 2024 or 2025 in the nation of Umuofia, and the Lord told me to tell them, to tell the CND people they should forget about the Ashanti Region. They should focus more on the Northern region. Because the election will be determined by these two regions. I saw a flag with red and black taking dominance. But let the CND people focus more on the northern region.

“Again, the Lord carried me in the realm and said I should say. The Lord said if the CND people of Umuofia do not wake up they will use systems and the EC and the NIA to twist the agenda and the will of the people. So let the CND people be more vigilant.

He also predicted that 2022 will be a difficult year with a famine similar to that of 1983 likely to occur. On the works of parliament, Prophet Nigel said there is a conscious effort to reduce the minority seats and added that there will be a by-election.

He also gave several prophecies about the speaker of parliament, the NPP’s internal election, the Greater Accra Regional Minister.

He added that the current Special Prosecutor will resign just like his predecessor but issued all the prophecies alluding to the nation of Umuofia.


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