Nle Choppa Fan Passes Out Onstage While Being Serenaded

– NLE Choppa serenaded a fan onstage at a concert earlier this week causing her to pass out in the midst of the performance.

The 20-year-old was overseas putting on a show in Tel Aviv, Israel when he brought a female fan on stage while performing Cottonwood 2‘s “PRETTY BROWN.”

Choppa began holding her hand while singing the lyrics to the romantic anthem and after spinning her around, the fan abruptly lost consciousness and fell backward — luckily into the arms of her two friends also onstage.


“I performed ‘Pretty Brown’ For Her And She Fainted, thought she was joking,” he wrote on Twitter on Thursday (May 4) with footage of the incident.

Many fans hopped into the Memphis rapper’s Twitter replies calling it out as a publicity stunt.

“Most def was faking because she felt her head to make sure her wig was still on and she caught those glasses,” one person wrote while another responded: “She sucks at acting tbh!”

Sonny Digital hopped into The Shade Room‘s comment section to brand the episode as a future “Tubi film.”

NLE Choppa might want to give the serenading “PRETTY BROWN” treatment to Meagan Good, who he has been relentlessly pursuing in recent months.

“Hey Ms. Good [heart eyes emoji],” he wrote in a tweet, which was followed by an Instagram Story that read: “Ms Good, trippin if she miss out on this young season grilled vegan chicken.”


Despite the rapper’s undeterred romantic efforts, don’t expect Meagan Good, 41, and NLE Choppa, 20, to be spotted on a date anytime soon as she recently rejected his advances, citing their 21-year age difference.

“I did not play the hell out of him,” Good told TMZ, referencing claims she hung up on the Memphis native during an interview with Jason Lee in March. “I’m very old — I’m just kidding. He’s a little too young for me… Definitely flattered.”


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