Nzulezo was founded by an Akan subgroup ‘Nzema’s about 400yrs

The spectacular scenery of the 400-year old stilt propped water settlement of Nzulezu, built on Lake Tadane in the Jomoro District of the Western Region of Ghana, stands out as a magnificent interplay between man and his environment.

The name “Nzulezo” in the Nzema language means “water surface”, and is a village on stilts of “Ewuture” originally situated close to the northwest shore. The “Ewuture” maintained the waterways and transportation of goods and people.

According to a local legend, the village was built by a group of people from Oualata, a city in the ancient Ghana Empire and in present-day Mauritania, which came about from following a snail. The snail is therefore a totem and revered by the people of Nzulezo.

As typical Akans, Thursdays are sacred to the lake, and it is forbidden to use and work on the lake for any activity.

There is a primary school and after primary school learners have to leave the village to go for secondary schools and universities.

Source: PAGMedia

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