Our 8-year-old son is a thief and a liar – Viral TikTok couple fires back (Video)

According to El Saa, his parents nearly starved him to death despite having different kinds of food at home.

He additionally disclosed that his mother and father will sometimes defecate inside a bucket and later blend it to prepare a special soup called Evil Soup for them to eat with Banku.

My parents tried to starve me to death after burying my elder brother alive

In the heartwrenching interview, the traumatized boy also disclosed how his father once threatened to cut off his head.

Without mincing words, the 8-year-old boy emphatically stated that he hates his parents with all his might and that nothing under the sun will either force or convince him to go back to them.

He stated that he ran from home because his parents were starving him to death and had also stopped him from bathing.

Reacting to this, Godpapa and Empress Lupita have shared a self-made video of themselves on the internet rubbishing their son’s heavy allegations against them.

According to the couple who have now become internet sensations, their son is a thief and a terrible liar.

Godpapa recounted how El Saa once stole food in the house to eat and lied to his mother that it was he (Who wasn’t) at home who ate the food.

Watch the video below to know more…

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