Paddy McGuinness addresses depression diagnosis after ex-wife spotted signs

Paddy McGuinness discusses about his mental health and therapy

Paddy McGuinness has recently opened up on how his ex-wife, Christine, was the first person to notice that he was suffering from depression.

Speaking on Monday Mile podcast, the Top Gear presenter said, “I was not aware of my struggles.”

Paddy continued, “You can be as low as low can be and it’s the people around you that tell you.”

In his case, Paddy mentioned that it was his ex-wife who spotted her symptoms.

“So, Christine and a few of my family members would say stuff and ask if I was okay and I would think, ‘Why are they always asking me that?’” stated the 49-year-old.

Paddy shared, “But obviously you can’t see it yourself, it’s in your head, it’s not like you’ve got a limp where people can spot it and you can spot.”

“I’ve never been that much of a person losing my temper but I could feel myself in certain situations getting wound up quicker and I just thought that’s not me,” explained Paddy.

He remarked, “I could feel myself feeling angry straight away and I shouldn’t be feeling that.”

Paddy eventually tried therapy to cope up with depression.

He commented, “If you try therapy and that doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t mean that all therapy won’t, just keep going until you find that one.”

“It might take you bloody six times but it’s worth it,” he added.


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