Papoose Explains Why Women Can Veto Certain Things in Marriage

Papoose has provided some insight into how he believes marriages work, and revealed why wives can veto certain things regarding their husbands.

Released on Friday (May 5), the premiere episode of Listen To Black Men — a new interactive video series with CassiusLife and MadameNoire — sees Papoose, alongside several industry insiders and social media personalities, participating in a panel discussion about what it means for a man to be seen as a platonic partner.



One of the hosts, Mouse Jones, joked that platonic friendships between men and women are possible, but only if “one is ugly.” Another member of the panel seemingly agreed with the sentiment and noted that his wife would not allow him to have an attractive platonic friend.

When asked about why the term “allow” was used, Papoose interjected and responded with his own perspective.

“When you get married, you take wedding vows. He has to honor his queen. If she disagrees with something, he has to take her perspective into consideration going forward. He can’t just totally disregard her point of view,” he said.

He added: “Happy wife, happy life.”

The rapper also talked about recognizing a partner’s boundaries and dealing with jealousy regarding his wife, Remy Ma, who also acts, being in intimate scenes with another man. However, for the “Alphabet Slaughter” rapper, it’s just “work.”

“It’s just a job. It’s just the work place. I would never feel insecure about that,” he said. “We talking about a situation where everybody [is] being respectable and doing their job and keeping it moving.”

This wasn’t the rapper’s first time giving insight into his life and sharing it with the world. In an April interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood, he discussed why the $1.5million record deal he signed at the beginning of his career, was the “worst mistake” he’s ever made.

“It was the mistake I ever made in my life, taking that deal,” Papoose said. “You gotta remember, I met [DJ Kay] Slay in 04′, [and] we ain’t get a deal till 07′. We was working hard, mixtape after mixtape after mixtape.”

During his mixtape days and while working with his longtime collaborator DJ Kay Slay, the rapper said he gained many “haters” that resulted in him having some negative interactions within the music industry, which possibly could’ve negatively impacted his career.

“I had a lot of haters who was just mad because Slay had found me,” Pap explained. “So I caught a lot of Kay Slay hate.”


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