Pimp C’s Widow Clarifies Hurricane Chris ‘death Threat’ Story About Late Rapper

Pimp C’s widow has set the record straight on recent comments that Hurricane Chris made regarding the late rapper sending death threats at the Louisiana artist.

On Friday (May 5), Chinara Butler took to Instagram and said her late husband wanted to murder a track as opposed to actual human beings. Pimp C was supposed to be on the remix to Hurricane Chris’ breakout hit “A Bay Bay” but didn’t make the cut because of label blockage which caused him to respond in an aggressive manner.

“What had happened was, the A&R, Chris, whoever emailed the song, Chad got the song, or I get the song,” Butler began. “I burn it on a CD, give it to him, he go to the studio, I think it’s probably within two days, he drop his vocals, send it back to them, and probably within two days later, the A&R calls him and says ‘Yeah, you [not] making the remix because you took too long to drop the vocals, which we knew wasn’t true.”

She continued: “So that’s when he lost his shit and he was like, ‘I’m going to kill everybody on the remix,’ and he was gone do a remix of ‘Ay Bay Bay’ and he was gone call it ‘Ay K K’ which I thought was hilarious. But um, he wasn’t gone kill ya’ll in real life. He probably just wanted to see who ya’ll was. That’s it, you know, wanted to see who he was about to diss.”

Butler’s comments come after Hurricane Chris recently appeared on Matt Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion podcast and discussed how so many rappers got to be on the popular remix along with his biggest regret about the track. But, when it came down to cutting Pimp C from the remix, the “Halle Berry” rapper revealed it wasn’t his call or that of his CEO Brain Leach — who was in the studio with him at the time — but Pimp C’s A&R who made the final call.


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“That hurt my heart. Still to this day. I regret the fact that Pimp C ain’t on ‘A Bay Bay’ bro,” Hurricane Chris shared.

“And guess what? The A&R that Pimp C sent the verse to got killed. I ain’t even got the verse,” he added, throwing his hands up.

“I heard it like two times. When Cam said he wasn’t rocking with it, I said ‘Cam you’re from New York. You ain’t from the south. No matter how you feel about this, Pimp C is very influential and we cannot take him off this record.”

“Number two, he said he gone kill all ya’ll if you take him off this record,” he said jokingly.

According to the Louisiana rapper, Pimp C pulled up once he learned he was cut from the track.

“He called me the day he found out he wasn’t on that remix and said ‘Chris where you at man? I’m outside I know where you at. Tell them n-ggas to come outside mane. We finna slaughter them bitch ass n-ggas.”

When asked how the beef was resolved, Hurricane Chris revealed it wasn’t resolved because Pimp C died not long after the incident.


On December 4, the 33-year-old, real name Chad Butler, was found lying on his bed at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood, after he failed to check out. The coroner’s report ruled the death was “due to promethazine/codeine effects and other unestablished factors.”


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