Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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Post Us Now-Angry Nurses To Government



The Registered Nurse Assistant Preventive and Registered Nurse Assistant Clinical have officially issued a statement calling on government to consider their immediate posting in order to relief them from perpetual hardships.

They said, the circulating video of Deputy Finance Minister, Lawyer John Kumah, stating emphatically on Wontumi Television that 2019 nurses and midwives has be cleared, it’s believed that our Hon. Minister meant ” the said clearance he stated was for the 2019 rotational allowance”.
But we ain’t ending this.

According to them, they are working “hand in hand “with Rotational Nurses leadership of 2019. Recently , a jointly communique was sent to MoH by rotational nurses leadership on our financial clearance . Surprisingly , few days ago , YEA and GHS has surreptitiously gone to signed a memorandum of understanding to train 3000 youth on zoom nurse module for the same work we were trained 2years for and also paid huge sums of money as fees.

There is absolutely nothing good about this.

It’s not about the competition or the name nurse alone that we don’t want them to be called.

It’s absolutely insane to train someone to add up to an area you lack when you have already trained and licensed professionals to take up such task.

The Hon. made reference of the same module for the Ghana police service , let him judge for himself if a police officer has been trained and remained in the house for even six months before employment?

Nurses will complete school and will be made to do service( Rotation) and afterward remain home at least a year long.
Is it by force to create employment?

The problem isn’t just about the fact that government wants to introduce that module ,our only problem is that government should employ professional nurses at home amounting to 20, 000 first and when the need be for more workforce, then he can think of making this addition through the YEA.

We ain’t stopping here, we will make sure we push till the government and the whole nation gets to know we are still in the house and we need Clearance now.

We therefore express our profound gratitude to our MOTHER ASSOCIATION , the leadership of GRNMA for being with us all the time we need them.

Note to the government: when our clearance is delayed we will erupt like a volcanic furry and no one will stop us until we get what we deserve.

Thank you

“Drop the zoom nurses module now!

10, 727, RNAP & RNAC are seated home unemployed .

Post Us Now !!!


By: Akwasi Nuako

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