Prince WIlliam refused to be with Harry night before wedding to Meghan Markle

Prince WIlliam did not want to accompany Prince Harry before his wedding

Prince William wanted to stay away from Prince Harry one day before his wedding.

Writing in his memoir ‘Spare’, the Duke of Sussex notes how he begged his elder brother to join him the night before his big day.

Harry pens: “He held fast. Can’t do it. I pushed. Why you being like this, Willy? I was with you the whole night before you married Kate. Why you doing this? I asked myself what was really going on. Was he feeling bad about not being my best man? Was he upset that I’d asked my old mate Charlie? (The Palace put out the story that Willy was the best man, as they’d done with me when he and Kate married.)”

The Duke of Sussex continues: “Or was he feeling guilty about the business between Kate and Meg? He wasn’t giving any indication. He just kept saying no. While asking me why it even mattered so much.”


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