Prince William’s may ditch coronation ceremony when his time comes

Prince William may opt for a ‘simpler and slimmed down’ ceremony if he wants one at all

The Coronation of King Charles III may be the last grand ceremony the public would witness.

According to Dr Robert Morris, an honorary professor at University College London’s Constitution Unit, Prince William may end up ditch the ceremony altogether.

“It seems very likely that William might prefer his father’s style of coronation if, that is, he would want a coronation at all,” Morris told


“We are the only European monarchy that still has a coronation, and William and/or the government of the day (which controls the monarchy) may decide for whatever reasons that the day of Coronations is over.”

He added that the ceremony does not ‘make’ the monarch instead the heir succeeds to the throne immediately on the death of their predecessor, which means they “not required by law.”


However, there is a “statute that prescribes the wording of the Coronation oath.”

Craig Prescott, a professor of law at Bangor University and expert in constitutional and political matters, concurred. He said that this year’s Coronation introduced some “very big changes” and the Prince of Wales may build on that idea.


“It might be that this is the last coronation of this sort, that William’s coronation might be even simpler and slimmed-down compared to this, which, itself, is a slimmed-down version of 1953.”

Morris in this regard added, “There could, for example, be a new, secular ceremony where the monarch would swear to his power to support the constitution, see that justice was upheld with mercy, and support the freedom of everyone to practice their own religion or none.”


Prescott believes that William is more “modern” compared to his father which menans who could modernise the monarchy, making it “simpler.”


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