Priscilla Presley makes startling revelations about romance with Elvis Presley

Priscilla Presley says, “I still love Elvis very much.”

Priscilla Presley has made startling revelations about romance with former husband Elvis Presley including intimate nights together long after their divorce.

King of Rock ‘n’ roll Elvis Presley and Priscilla got married in 1967 and divorced six years later in 1973.

The celebrity couple shared daughter Lisa Marie together.

Lisa Marie died from a heart attack at the beginning of this year.

Priscilla appeared onstage at Glasgow’s City Hall at the weekend and disclosed her first moments with Elvis and intimate nights together after their divorce.

The Mirror quoted Priscilla as saying, “I was 14. He was 24 years old and he was always a gentleman with me.”

“I grew to love him so much as a young girl and I never ever betrayed him.

“I never told anyone that I was seeing him.”

She continued, “After we divorced, he would come to the house in the middle of the night even when he was dating other women and I still went to Graceland.

“I’m so fortunate having that life with him and time with him. I still love Elvis very much.”

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