Ralo Responds to Snitching Allegations After Phone Call & Paperwork Surface

Ralo has responded to allegations of snitching after both paperwork and a recorded phone call surfaced that sparked rumors of him working with the police.

The paperwork, which started making the rounds on Monday (May 1), allegedly stated: “The specific information that Mr. Davis supposedly gave in the June 6th proffer against other persons, other alleged transactions, other alleged crimes” – which led the internet to launch the snitching label.

Not long after the alleged paperwork surfaced, a phone call supposedly between Ralo and one of his Famgoon artists leaked where the the former was being pressed about the documents. He explained they’re from a prosecutor misconduct hearing – but his artist still wanted to know why it said he’s cooperating. Ralo doubled down on his stance that he has not cooperated and the information only became public because of the hearing.

Ralo then took to Instagram to further prove his innocence. “I hate to see us as people continue to kick one another down. Our government has been taking advantage of our weaknesses and using us against us,” he wrote. “We should know by now that we’re stronger together and every enemy has weaknesses. When there’s no loophole in a case, you gotta make a loophole. We must attack what they did wrong and focus less on our wrong. NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER!”

He continued: “Sometimes we have to read the entire book to know the truth behind the lies in the story. Know that everything isn’t always what it seems to be. I never told yawl one lie in my life and I swear by Allah I never cooperated with the federal government. Its not one human bein on Earth can say they in jail for RALO.

“My dog food plug dead, the person they accused of shooting for me dead and the other dude they questioned dead to, so they not hear to talk about it and I’m ready to post all the proofs. Somebody make me ah autobiography book cover and I’m posting all the proofs nooooowwww. #OnAllah”


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The 1017 recording artist was sentenced to eight years in federal prison last June after federal agents accused him of trafficking over $2million in marijuana back in 2018. The Atlanta native has been behind bars fighting for his freedom ever since, and while Ralo has been vocal about his prison struggles on Instagram, he experienced a brief moment of levity after he was able to hug his daughter last month for the first time since being incarcerated.

“I waited 5 long years just to be able to touch my daughter. As soon as I felt her little arms wrap around me in that visitation room it felt like my soul was released from my body,” he wrote alongside a photo of the heartwarming moment.

“That shit felt so good that I’ll never forget that feeling. I never called myself a rapper due to the lame shit that goes on in the industry, but I can now honesty say I’m thankful for the rap game, because it helped me take care of my daughter and more my entire bid.

He continued: “This my last year being in prison, so I’m asking for yawl to go get, support, post and download my last album I’m dropping from jail #97Months thats on all sites right now. I’m thankful and this will help me continue to take care of my amazing daughter and others for these last 7 months.”


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