Ray J Gets No Love as Viral Video Shows What People Really Think About Him

Ray J has been the butt of many jokes over the years, and a new viral video pitting the singer against a particular fatty cuisine appears to be continuing this trend.

On Tuesday (April 25), a video posted by 856 Entertainment sees its animated host take to the streets of Philadelphia to ask people whether they’d prefer a free Philly cheesesteak or a dinner date with the For The Love of Ray J star.

In true Philly style, some of the responders did not hold back. “Who the fuck is Ray J?” asked one interviewee, while another said: “One Philly cheesesteak — I’m sorry, fuck Ray J!”

“Bitch, gimme a cheesesteak!” added a third, laughing.

Finally, the host of the show — seemingly perturbed by the lack of love for the Raycon founder — asked an interviewee why she’d prefer the fatty sandwich over a dinner date. “Because he’s ugly,” she replied.


Ray J may not want the smoke with the good people of Philadelphia, but Raz-B seemingly can’t wait for the day that he and Brandy‘s brother can throw hands.

Tensions between the R&B singers spilled over back in February when they got into a fight at a party. A viral video showed Ray pushing Raz, sparking a scuffle between the pair before they were separated by security.

In a statement to The Shade Room at the time, the pair confirmed the dust-up “wasn’t a big deal” and that it stemmed from a simple disagreement over a TV show they’re working on together.

However, Raz U-turned on their truce on Thursday (February 16) by challenging Ray J to a fight. In a video posted on Instagram, the former B2K member vowed to “fuck” the All I Feel crooner up while alluding to Ray’s manager, Wack 100, trying to “bully” him over the phone.

“You can never beat me! Brandys brother!” Raz wrote next to a clip of him showing off his boxing skills with a trainer. “Ima fuck you up @rayj Don’t be trying to bully me Having @wack100 call my phone.”

Raz-B posted another video shortly after demanding Ray J meet him in person so he can catch a fade.

“I woke up this morning stressed than a muthafucka. I’m getting calls from Wack 100, n-ggas is questioning my manhood, talking about Ray J faded me,” he said. “Listen, Ray, you my brother, I respect you, we business partners. But guess what? I gotta catch this muthafucking fade, n-gga. Real talk.

“I don’t give a fuck if two people show up, n-gga. Shit, it may be a thousand people if you get your sister to sing the national anthem. You always gonna be Brandy’s little brother, n-gga!”

In another clip he screamed into the camera: “I stand alone, n-gga! You need the streets to fight your battles, n-gga?!”


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