Refund the Ghc 35,000 I spent on you if you don’t want to marry me again – Man tells ex-girlfriend

A middle-aged Ghanaian man who owns a pub in Abidjan has threatened to spiritually end the life of his ex-girlfriend named Rita for spending his money and refusing to marry him after passing out from the military.

According to the heartbroken man, he was sending Rita Ghc 500 every two weeks for food.

And even when she was at the training centre, he sent her money almost every week because she lied to him that doctors have advised her not to eat the food they give to her.

Speaking on Oyerepa FM’s Aunty Naa show, the betrayed man recounted how he once took GHC 700 loan to give to Rita because he was broke but she was consistently calling him for money

According to the man, Rita connived with his mother to spend his money and dump him after they get what they wanted because he told them he has never been to the classroom and hence he can’t read and write.

Now, he wants the accumulated GHC35,000 he spent on Rita with the assurance of marrying him if she’s no longer interested in their affair because she’s now a soldier and doesn’t want to marry an uneducated man.

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