Rich the Kid Calls Bs on Billboard ‘fan Packs,’ Helps Weak Artists Shine

Rich the Kid has some opinions on the so-called “Billboard Fan Packs” — and suffice it to say that he’s not a fan of the popular promo tool.

TMZ approached the popular rapper on Friday (May 5), where he said that the offering could mean bad news for both the labels and the artists.

“That’s fire,” he said. “Because them floppin’ ass artists can get — you know what I’m saying — yeah, that’s some bullshit. But you know what? My new album’s coming out this summer, and I ain’t sellin’ no Crocs with ’em!”

Under the Billboard promo pack, a portion of the sales from what’s known as “bundles” — that is, when the music is packaged with another promotional item, like the aforementioned Crocs — can count towards the sales rankings on the album chart. Billboard eliminated the so-called “merch rule” back in 2020.

Rich the Kid may be worried about Billboard promo packs, but he’s got bigger problems than some “floppin’ ass artists” these days.

On Tuesday, the “Plug Walk” rapper was called out by a videographer who claims he’s owed over $8,000 for a music video he shot for the Georgia native.

Walt Productions, the videographer who shot the video, has accused him of finessing him out of several thousand dollars. The videographer claims despite him flying to New York and Miami to shoot and edit the project, he has yet to receive payment from Rich The Kid.


Among the shared materials are direct messages the rapper sent to the cameraman, as well as his invoice — which includes travel and lodging expenses, as well as the specific package the rapper allegedly ordered — amounting to exactly $8,241.

“Bro ain’t paid for nun,” he wrote in the text message.

And last month, Rich the Kid was hit with a “hush money” lawsuit made by an anonymous woman — who filed under the name “Jane Doe” to protect her privacy — made her claim in a Massachusetts court.

“Jane Doe” alleges that the “Plug Walk” rapper sexually assaulted her in January and prevented her from leaving the hotel room where the two were having non-consensual sex.

According to the suit, Jane Doe then somehow managed to get free, and she and Rich The Kid allegedly went back to her home where they had more sex — but this time, according to the lawsuit, the sex was consensual. The sex allegedly resulted in a pregnancy, which both Jane Doe and the rapper agreed to terminate.

However, Jane Doe alleges, while she and Rich The Kid agreed to a $35,000 settlement to keep quiet about the whole affair, he still owes her $25,000, which is why she’s brought the suit. Furthermore, she alleges, the money was paid to her so Rich The Kid’s fiancée, Tori Brixx, wouldn’t find out about the “outside baby.”


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