Roddy Ricch Ordered to Pay $24k Temporary Child Support Following Drug Use Claims

Roddy Rich has been ordered to pay $24,000 to his child’s mother in a lump sum payment — and this may be the end of his legal battle.

Court documents obtained by Radar Online on Monday (May 8) revealed that the rapper (real name Rodrick Wayne Moore Jr.) has come to a slight resolution with Alexandra Kiser. As part of their agreement, the “Die Young” rapper will have to fork over the five-figure “temporary” settlement to Kiser as they continue to work through their issues.




The $24K payment covers the $8,000/month child support payments for April, May, and June of 2023, and Roddy Ricch and Kiser will continue to iron out an agreement without the assistance of a judge or a mediator.

Because of that, their scheduled court date on May 23 has been postponed to mid-August, and may be canceled altogether if the pair reach an agreement. What’s more, the $24,000 payment will count as a credit towards any back child support payments that might be owed by the rapper.

Finally, the pair have agreed to attend what’s known as a “voluntary settlement conference” — that is, a conference attended by both sides and their attorneys — so that they can put all of this in writing without having to go before a judge.

This resolution — however temporary and tenuous — is just the latest salvo between Roddy Ricch and his estranged baby mama.

The first salvo came on Thursday (May 4), when Kiser accused the “Down Below” rapper of being a lean addict and a gang member in her court documents to the Los Angeles County court.

“Rodrick Moore is gang-affiliated,” she said in a filing, using his government name. “He has been arrested on a gun charge, domestic violence and regularly indulges in promethazine use, all of which are concerns for myself and our son.”

Kiser claims Roddy Ricch cut her off financially and is being forced to move out of a home he provided. She’s asking the court to establish paternity in the case and for him to pay $20,000 a month in child support, which amounts to $240,000 annually.

“(He) is a very successful and highly paid entertainer who goes by the name of Roddy Ricch,” she said. “He has a net worth of approximately $25,000,000. He commands fees of $500,000 for appearances.”

Kiser has also accused Roddy of being an absent father, claiming: “Since his birth, I alone, spend 98% of the time with him while Rodrick lives his life without any regard to his parental obligation or responsibility to spend time with Kadence.”

She continued: “Recently, he moved into the gated compound where he has leased the house where our son and I currently live and has only spent three full days with Kadence thus far and that has been since January/early February.

“He now asks if I could move out by this May or if he’ll give me a six-month extension to move after I expressed to him that I felt uncomfortable about the way he moved into our gated community, just mere houses from us, and then tried to keep it a secret.”

Roddy Ricch has reportedly hired a high-powered lawyer, Samantha Spector, to defend him in the case.

That same day, Kiser took to social media to continue to air out Roddy Ricch, alleging that he neglects his son, who also happens to be autistic.


“Imma clear this up real quick cause some of these facts ain’t right,” she wrote. “I don’t live in this man house. 2, y’all try taking care of an autistic child yourself and lmk how much therapy & everything costs.”

She continued: “Meanwhile your bd doing everything else & don’t even know what kind of therapist his son even sees. He spends $20k in the club on a light night. Please.”

Reports about Roddy welcoming his first child appeared online in April 2020 after Kiser (also known as Allie Kay) shared a photo of him holding the newborn on her Instagram page, before deleting her account altogether.


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