Shatta Wale is the main cause of Hajia4Real’s arrest – Wizla Finito

Former management member of Shatta Wale’s SM movement Wizla Finito has accused the dancehall artiste of being the main cause behind Hajia4Real‘s current situation.

According to Wizla, the socialite was happily living her life in Ghana after she managed to run away from US officials.

But Shatta Wale came into the picture and forced the slay queen to venture into music which she also agreed to do adding that the end result is what is currently happening to her.

Wizla in a post claimed that the main idea behind Shatta Wale forcing Hajia4Real whom she refers to as his godmother was because he wanted to enjoy her money and also chop her in addition.

He continued that Hajia4Real was following her music dream which took her to the UK to get her arrested but no one is blaming the people who knew the truth but forced her to venture into music.

His post reads: “As Hajia 4Real ein matter come up nu die3, nobody is talking about the people in the industry who pushed her to go and do music. Mona was living her low-key life back in Ghana after she escaped from the US Wale convinced her to do music by force even though she was not a musician just because Wale wanted to chop her and chop her money? some too add am.

“I know say the hatters go talk against me out of pain for hearing this truth but the honest truth is that, if Hajia had not gone to the UK in the first place, no external security apparatus could have effected her arrest. Again, ask yourself what took Mona to the UK to begin with, and your answer will be “she went to the UK for the Ghana Music Awards”.

Her continuous appearance on stage to perform and in front of the camera gave her away to the security authorities to be trailing her activities. From my personal security intelligence, Hajia 4Real was already being monitored by these American security forces whilst she was in Ghana even before she traveled to the UK.

Her flashy life social media photos, music videos and appearances on stages in the Ghana Showbiz exposed her constant security risk and vulnerability which finally sent her to the UK and got arrested. But as the thing happened, everyone is talking about how long she could go into jail for and had ignored those who got her into the spotlight which has now gotten her into trouble.

I do not approve of people’s engagement or involvement in fraudulent activities but at least she was comfortably hiding in her coded location until Yaanom got her into music even though they knew very well that she wasn’t a musician ?

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