Short-term measures can’t solve Agricultural crisis – Prof Aidoo Reveals

Stop distracting governance and focus on what is important – Prof Robert Aidoo to NDC

Professor Robert Aidoo, a lecturer at the Faculty of Agricultural Science, KNUST, has indicated that the short-term measures cannot solve the agricultural problems the country is facing.

The government of Ghana has created a five-member inter-ministerial committee to look into the causes of the high prices of foodstuffs and the measures to control it.

However, Prof Aidoo is of the view that the government should rather pay attention to irrigation systems to help develop agriculture in the country.

Speaking on Oyerepa Breakfast Time hosted by Parker-Wilson, Prof Aidoo expressed that, researchers can only talk of the fact that the country needs irrigation to develop agriculture which the government is aware of.

“The reason why the one village one dam project was established was to recognize the need for irrigation in agriculture. This means the government is fully aware of the necessity of irrigation”. He said.

He advised that the government to implement policies on agriculture and make it work effectively.

“Going forward, the government should show interest in agriculture so that private investors can invest and make it lucrative”. He disclosed.

Meanwhile, he has urged Ghanaians to start backyard gardening to produce food crops that could at least feed their families.

“If the government does not help in agriculture, we can help ourselves as citizens by engaging in backyard gardening.”

Source: Asantewaa Blessing

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