Side chick Deborah Seyram speaks law with the police after they stormed her house to arrest her

Deborah Seyram Adablah, the former NSS personnel who has sued her ex-boyfriend and former boss Ernest Nimako has been arrested by the police.

Though the basis for her arrest has not been revealed, she shared a live video with her followers who witnessed everything as it happened.

From the video, Seyram could be heard and seen questioning the police on why they are arresting her because from what she knows, she hasn’t committed any crime to get her arrested.

But the policeman who had gone to effect her arrest only mentioned that they were executing a court order which asked that she should be arrested.

Seyram after that challenged the police claiming that court orders take effect after 14 days to which the policeman said he has no idea about what she was saying.

She, however, agreed to follow the police and asked which police station she was been taken to so she could contact her lawyer and was told the regional Police station.

She once again quizzed why she was been taken to the regional police station whiles she stays in Labadi and the law says she should be taken to a police station closer to her because of jurisdiction.

Seyram who now seems unhappy with the whole thing asked the police again the exact reason why she is been arrested and what are her charges for the arrest.

The police told her the court bailiff available would explain the charge to her.

Watch the video below:


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