Skip Bayless Flexes Death Row Chain After Sixers & Suns Wins

Skip Bayless is one of the funnier people on sports talk television. Although most people hate his takes, they feel to realize that the man is an auteur. He is the type of character actor that one simply dreams of someday becoming. Overall, what he does every single morning is performance art, and only those paying attention can see it. His act may be tired for some, but to others, it is truly hilarious. No matter what, Bayless continues to be a force on FS1 and that is not going to be changing, anytime soon.


Recently, Snoop Dogg was on an episode of Undisputed where he gifted Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless a Death Row Records chain. Of course, Snoop is now the owner of the label, so it makes sense for him to do something like this. Although Bayless isn’t exactly the most in tune with hip-hop culture, he is besties with Lil Wayne. Furthermore, Snoop has always had a friendship with Bayless, so the gift wasn’t that far out there. Either way, the concept of Bayless repping this chain may make fans laugh.

Skip Bayless Reps Death Row


Well, on Sunday, Skip Bayless flexed his brand-new chain with some pride. The Sixers and the Suns won their games, and Bayless was very excited about this. In the tweet above, he wrote “My mood after both the Sixers and Suns evened their series with huge home wins. Feeling ‘Death Row.’ Feeling, ‘Say it with your chest.’ THANK YOU FOR THIS, SNOOP.” Yes, that’s right, Skip is feeling “Death Row” right about now. As if the world wasn’t wacky enough already

Now, the Sixers are tied in their series with the Celtics. Meanwhile, the Suns have tied it up against the Denver Nuggets, despite the odds. Overall, the playoffs are heating up, and with Game 4 of Lakers and Warriors going down tonight, we are in for quite the show.


The NBA playoffs feel wide open this year, and there is no telling who might end up in the Finals. Hopefully, we get a matchup that fans will remember for a very long time. Let us know who you have winning it all, in the comments down below.


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