Soulja Boy Calls Out Lil Durk & Nba Youngboy for ‘copying’ Him With New Albums

Soulja Boy has taken aim at Lil Durk and NBA YoungBoy for dropping new albums the same day as him, accusing the young rap stars of “copying” him.

Big Draco called out the Chicago and Baton Rouge natives on Instagram Live on Tuesday (May 9) after learning that Durk’s Almost Healed and YoungBoy’s Richest Opp are set to arrive on Friday (May 12), the same day as his new project The Biggest Opp.



The “Crank That” hitmaker also challenged the bitter rivals to stop sneak dissing each other and resolve their long-running feud once and for all.

“Lil Durk, you scary as fuck. If you gon’ fight YoungBoy, gon’ fight him, n-gga,” his rant began. “Fuck wrong with you, boy? I know you seen me announce my album, n-gga … And the next day you gon’ hop on here talking ’bout you ‘Almost Healed.’ Man, you almost lame, n-gga.

“Is y’all n-ggas gon’ scrap or what y’all gonna do? All this back-and-forth sneak dissing shit, go on with that shit. Y’all n-ggas painting y’all nails, doing all type of weird shit. Stop playing with me, n-gga.”

Never one to lack self-belief, Soulja Boy then declared that he’ll outsell both Lil Durk and NBA YoungBoy, despite them both regularly cracking the top 10 on the Billboard 200. Soula’s last album to dent the chart was The DeAndre Way back in 2010.

“May 12th, n-gga, Soulja Season. Y’all n-ggas tripping,” he continued. “I’m finna outsell Lil Durk and YoungBoy at the same time. Add Lil Durk’s album sales and add YB album sales, add them together … This my date, n-gga, May 12th. Y’all only tryna drop ’cause y’all seen me drop, n-gga.

“Y’all n-ggas scary as fuck. Not finna get in the ring, not finna go behind the wall, not finna scrap, not finna do nothing. Come on with all that back-and-forth shit. Y’all do that shit for clout. Cut it out, boy … After this, I don’t wanna see no more n-ggas dropping on the same date as me, on God.”

Although Soulja Boy has made no secret of his disdain for NBA YoungBoy and his fans in the past, it was Lil Durk who received an extra tongue-lashing towards the end of the tirade.

“Lil Durk, you lame, n-gga. Stop copying, copycat-ass n-gga,” he barked. “You could’ve dropped your shit next month, bitch. You could’ve dropped your shit next week. All you scary-ass copycat-ass n-ggas, I’m tired of y’all fuck n-ggas watching me.”

The SODMG boss also took to Twitter to vent his frustration, writing: “Rap n-ggaz copying me that’s crazy [purple devil emoji]” next to a screenshot of The Biggest Opp.


Lil Durk and NBA YoungBoy’s album showdown comes amid renewed tension between the two adversaries. The former announced last week that Almost Healed, his eighth studio album and the follow-up to last year’s chart-topping 7220, will drop on May 12.

Days later, YoungBoy revealed plans to release a new mixtape called Richest Opp the very same day while taking shots at Durk — along with his girlfriend India Royale and media personality Akademiks — in a serious of vicious tweets.

“@lildurk you a bitch & yo nasty ass hoe and it’s shown,” he wrote. “And @Akademiks you a pure Fat hoe who mouth gone be the reason. you from now on (‘invalid’) #RichestOpp.”

He continued: “@lildurk lol you ever realized you only get a buzz when one of your friends die. Think about it scary bum bitch you know I ain’t lying ha ha #fact.”

The OTF frontman appeared to respond to NBA YoungBoy’s tweets the following day, albeit by taking the high road. “Idk nun I ain’t seen nun,” he wrote in a cryptic tweet.

The back-and-forth came shortly after Akademiks claimed the two had quietly squashed their beef — which is believed to stem from King Von’s death at the hands of a Quando Rondo affiliate in 2020 — but that notion was quickly shot down by both rappers.


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