Spliif Star reveals he and Busta Rhymes’s friendship started after he slapped him for chasing his girlfriend

Spliff Star has amusingly recalled how slapping Busta Rhymes was the catalyst for their enviable friendship, which has since evolved into a fraternity.

On his podcast, My Expert Opinion, Maff Hoffa and the renowned hype man discussed the history of their relationship with Busta Rhymes on Saturday, April 1. (real name Trevor Smith Jr.). According to Spliff, it all started when they both showed interest in the same lady.

“He faked married this girl named Janice,” Spliff Star began. “I had a big ass crush on her and n-ggas ran up the block and was like, ‘Yo, yo, that n-gga Trev, he married your girl!’ He married what? Mind you, this n-gga tall, I’m short. I said: ‘Where he at?’ N-gga, Buss was standing right there, I jumped up and smacked the shit outta him. Bow!”\

He continued: “Everybody was like, ‘Oh shit.’ Even Busta, was like [shocked expression]. Bloodclat marry mi gyal. I’m a lil n-gga, skinny n-gga, but that’s how we met. And then after that, we been hanging out with each other and all that, and turn into teenagers.”

Rapper and music artist Spliff Star hails from Flatbush in Brooklyn, New York. His collaboration with Busta Rhymes is what made him most famous.

Spliff Star was named one of the greatest hype men in hip hop by both Vibe and Complex. He used to be a Flipmode Squad member. In 2007, he co-founded PaperRock Records, and in 2008, he published his debut solo album. He has three kids. Brooklyn, Leilani, and Elijah.

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