Swizz Beatz Says Doctor Once Told Him He’d Never Walk Again After Health Scare

Swizz Beatz has recently come clean about a health scare he faced at the beginning of his career that nearly caused him to never walk again.

The producer stopped by The Jennifer Hudson Show on Tuesday (April 25), where he talked about a time, early on in his career, where he once worked himself to near-paralysis.

“When you come from nothing, and you finally get success, get a piece of what you thought you could never get from your surroundings — we just have a habit of going hard as men, you know, and it caught up to me,” he told the Oscar-winning host. “I remember staying up for four days straight just over-pushing it. It messed up my immune system — I had spinal meningitis.”

He continued: “And I remember going to the hospital, and the doctor was cold. He was cold as ice. As soon as I walked in, he said, ‘okay, you might not die, but you’ll never walk again.’ That was the first thing they said to me when I went into the hospital. But I was in so much pain, I was like, ‘let’s get on to it.’ But, Alhamdulillah [Praise be to Allah], I came back, and I beat the odds with that one. And now, I try to take my health a little bit more serious.”

Best known for his work with the Ruff Ryders collective, Swizz Beatz was also a close personal friend of the late, great DMX — and he recently shared the time his old friend visited him in a dream.

During an interview with The Breakfast Club on Wednesday (April 26), the super producer spoke about the late rap legend coming to him in a vivid dream one night, saying he could “feel” X’s spirit.

“Man, honestly, it don’t even feel like he’s gone,” Swizz said. “It just feels like he’s away, somewhere chillin’. And then the anniversary will come around or I’ll speak to his fiancée or I’ll speak to his son and I’m like, ‘Whoa.’

“Or I’ll see a video or I’ll scroll through my phone and see pictures and it’ll hit me. But the thing that makes me feel easy about it is he came to me.”

He continued: “I seen him in my dream. He came to me. And this was, like, super quick too. And he let me know he was good. I’m the person that is like, ‘He ain’t come to see you, what you talkin’ about?’ I seen him. I felt him, I can smell like — I just couldn’t hear him talk.”


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