T.i. Reveals Heartwarming Reason He’ll ‘always Be a Lebron James Fan’

T.I. has recalled the time when LeBron James paid a visit to his grandmother before she died, saying it’s the reason he’ll “always” be a fan of the NBA star.

Tip joined Broken Play earlier this week, where he revealed that King James came to his grandma’s home in the Bankhead neighborhood of Atlanta for the last Mother’s Day she was alive to see.

“I’ma always be a LeBron James fan and I’ll tell you why,” T.I. began. “The last Mother’s Day my grandmama was alive, LeBron came to my grandmama house and sat on my grandmama porch, right on Bankhead. [He] ate barbecue and kicked it with me, my grandmama and all my cousins.


“Right before they kicked the Hawks’ ass and went on to the Goddamn Eastern Conference Finals, and that’s the year that she died. She always, ‘Where that tall fella?!’ Yeah, LeBron came to Bankhead. He wasn’t a billionaire at the time, but he left that billionaire residue. So I’ma always be a LeBron fan.”


If Tip’s memory serves him correctly, he’s most likely talking about the 2009 NBA Playoffs when LeBron and the Cavs swept the Atlanta Hawks in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals. However, they ended up losing to the Orlando Magic in six games in the Eastern Conference Finals.


These days, LeBron James is still in pursuit of his fifth NBA title. King James and the Los Angeles Lakers are currently battling Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Semi-Finals, with the series tied at 1-1. Game 3 is set for Saturday night (May 6) in L.A.


Elsewhere in the interview with Broken Play, T.I. opened up about his regret about not working with Pimp C more when the UGK rapper was alive.

“I wish I would’ve did more with Pimp C. I got some records with Pimp, but I just wish we would’ve just locked in. I wish I would’ve did like a whole project with him or something,” he said.


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