T-pain Crowns Drake Simp King After Breaking Down His Own Run of Simp Classics

T-Pain has crowned Drake the musical simp king after running through his own catalogue of simp hits from early on in his career.

The topic came up on the latest episode of Pain’s Nappy Boy Radio podcast, published on Thursday (May 11). Talking to guest Rob Markman, the talented singer ran through his first few hits from the mid-2000s, noting how he was simping in every single song.



However, when Markman said that the game needed simping back – Pain was confident that Drizzy has it covered.

“I had zero confidence in any of my music. I was always the simp, remember?” T-Pain began. “I was always the n-gga that didn’t have any confidence that anything could happen at all. I was always wishing for a girl.

“‘I’m Sprung’ – that was about me simping to hell. First real simp joint. ‘I’m In Love With A Stripper’ – never said I ever got her. Just said I liked her a bunch. ‘Bartender’ – never took her anywhere. She was just a bartender. Never said we fucked or anything. Just me simping from afar.”

Markman then interjected and said: “I think we need that back in music though,” to which Pain said: “Simpin’? Nah, I think Drake got it covered.”


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In addition to putting simping on the map back in the day, T-Pain was also the auto-tune king – and he recently revealed that he would get paid every time an artist would use Auto-Tune in those early days.

The comments were made alongside DJ Drama on a March episode of Nappy Boy Radio, where the DJ shouted out JAY-Z’s 2009 track “D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)” as one of his best songs.

T-Pain obviously had a lot to say about Drama’s pick, considering he’d previously admitted he took the song personally due to his own heavy reliance on Auto-Tune at the time. However, the Florida native admitted that the use of Auto-Tune in music has since “resuscitated” in full force.

“That shit came out of everywhere after that,” T-Pain said. “I don’t think it worked out the way he thought it was gonna work out.”

“Is it true that there was a point and time where you got paid off of anytime anyone would use Auto-Tune?” Drama asked.

“Yeah,” T-Pain said. “Absolutely. It was nuts, it was real crazy. Some people volunteered and some people didn’t know, so that was great. Diddy volunteered. Diddy gave me points on Last Train To Paris ’cause he used Auto-Tune.

“It’s on video! I still have the video on a hard drive right now of Diddy writing a contract on a napkin in the studio saying he was gonna give me a point on Last Train To Paris and we both signed it.”

“That’s insane,” Drama replied.


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