Teacher who went for Ghc 40,000 loan loses all the money to aviator in 10 seconds

A young Ghanaian teacher has willingly invited doom and avoidable problems for himself after going all in to try his luck on sports betting.

According to Mr Kofi Ofosu Nkansah, the CEO National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme who reposted the hilarious yet sad story on his Facebook timeline.

This young teacher went a for Ghc 40,000 loan and the initial plan was to use part of the money to foot his mother’s hospital bills and the rest for himself.

After he successfully received the loan, one of his friends who is a notorious sports betting enthusiast convinced him to try his luck by using a part of the loan money.

This friend of his was able to persuade him by narrating to him how some brave men won big by going all in and leaving nothing to chance.

After being convinced enough that he was also going to win easy money, he first deposited half of the Ghc 40,000 loan to bet on aviator but unfortunately, he got ‘burned’.

He decided to go in hard again by using the remaining Ghc 20,000 but he got heavily slapped in the face and balls once again.

Apparently, the young man lost a total of Ghc 40,000 within less than a minute.

His mother who was waiting for him to pay her bills has also passed on and the funeral expenses are also on his neck.

Copied: Someone’s betting experience.

“So this teacher went for Gh¢40,000 bank loan. His mother wasn’t feeling well so he wanted to use part of the loan for his mother’s medical expenses. A friend of his recommended aviator to him and how he can make about Gh¢5000 within few seconds, and add it to his 40,000 loan. He was very impressed.

“So he wanted to win big at a go. He first deposited 20,000, so that he can withdraw in few seconds, plus big profit. Unfortunately, the thing just went down wheewww sshhh instantly like that within one second. My guy was panting. So he decided to recoup his money. He was under serious pressure.

“One thing about betting is, if u lose money, you are not able to think straight again oo. All u think about is the money you have lost, and the zeal to get it back.

“Ladies and gentlemen, in less than one minute, this guy lost the remaining Gh¢20,000. He just threw away the Gh¢40,000 loan in a matter of seconds. Before he became aware of himself.

“The money is gone forever and ever. Unfortunately, his mother died. Hmmm. Funeral expenses are also on him too. Charlie, we for shine our eyes oo.



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