The battle for western north women organizer: A case study between the old order and the “digitized” new era*

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) will soon elect new regional executives in western north for the 2024 elections.

One of the coveted positions is the women organizer role as it has the highest number of “contestants”

In fact ,the office of the regional woman organizer over the years have been preoccupied with activities whose relevance seem to face extinction in our contemporary politics, a situation that wouldn’t have positive bearing on our electoral fortunes.

The current circumstances are worrying and this is the peculiar reason why the masses are clamouring for change.

The activities being undertaken over there may not birth us any good results as it is not solving current problems.

The current women organizer is running out of steam. Her conservative idealogy and Principles about women organization that predates the early 90s have no effects in modern politics.

The standards have changed and this is the time the new era takes over.
A New era where there would be programs and projects for all women age groups not the selected few.

It is understood that apart from the School feeding, there seem to be no program from the regional women organizer that affects young women per the statistics available concerning the beneficiaries from the office .
It is becoming a sad reality that apart from government owned policies (MASLOC) that the party normally give to the women organizers to administer, they hardly pursue any ingenious policies of their own that would be generational to the party. What this means is , the moment the party is not in government, the office is dead and ceases to operate but that shouldn’t be the case .

We have a lot of women developmental strategies at our disposal to leverage upon and this is the main reason why we are charging for *RUTH AKOSUA MINTAH* to lead the New Era agenda .

The new era agenda being echoed on our media space is what we entreats our delegates to be glued to.

The new era embodies the *political network strategy* ,where young gals would be given the platform to learn to earn a living through skills training . They become acclimatized to the Npp through out their 3 years training and eventually become ambassadors of the Npp in their respective communities. They also pick up others and continue the cycle. In 10 years, the party would have strong women fan base in the region . This is the generational policy our Digital Rutab is bringing on board of which the current women organizer is lacking.

More over, the new era agenda seeks to implement a developmental framework to unravel and refine budding talents in various women volunteer groups . The aim is to groom collosal female politicians to take center stage in active politics from western north . Digital Ruth wants to breed prolific writers, serial callers, radio communicators , researchers that are predominantly females. That’s the vision and
Which connotes broad dynamism .
AKOSUA wants to “digitize” our women and this is the time.
The vision and the determination showcased in the new era is efficacious and deserve wholesale endorsement by the delegates.


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