“The youth will rise against you” – John Dumelo vents following tax on betting

Actor-politician John Dumeloe has vented about the newly-introduced 10 per cent imposition of withholding tax on sports betting.

According to him, the government has been disingenuous to Ghanaian youth by not being able to provide jobs but taxing their winnings from these betting platforms.

He opined that if the economy was not fixed and the government taxed the youth’s earnings on these betting platforms, there might be an inevitable urge for revolt.

Create jobs, you won’t create. The youth have created their own jobs too ahhh, you want to tax their winnings…..continue. That day will come when the youth will rise against you. It will be too late.

Betting and lottery winnings to be hit by 10% tax, govt announces

The Government of Ghana is proposing a 10 per cent tax on all winnings from sports betting.

This suggests that whenever a punter wins a bet, he is obligated to pay 10 per cent of that to the government and only keep the other 90 per cent.

Also, the betting companies will be taxed on all their revenues and will be mandated to pay a 20 percent levy on their proceeds.

The news as relayed by the Ghana Revenue Authority reads:
Withholding tax on winnings from betting, lottery, and games of chance.

Betting, lottery, and game of chance winnings will now be subject to a 10% withholding tax at the point of payout.

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