Monday, October 3, 2022
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Tropenbos Ghana partners Forestry Commission Warn the Public Against Degradation

The Tropenbos Ghana, a Non-governmental organization (NGO) with the vision to protect the forest from degradation has joined force with Forestry Commission in Western North Region to educate the public on the need to keep the forest reserves.

Preserving the forest reserves, which is afforestation does not only protect wildlife but also protect the ozone layer from depletion.

Depletion of the ozone layer among other things causes climate change which affects lives and agriculture in most parts of Africa.

This came to light during the celebration of International Day of Forest at Sefwi-Essam in Debiso District on the theme: International Day of Forest ” Forests and Sustainable Production and Consumption”

The idea behind the celebration was to inculcate a sense of nationalism and discipline in the children, particularly farmers to grow in knowledge to safeguard the forest from illegal activities.

In this effect, Tropenbos Ghana highlighted on the importance and interdependence between local communities and forests, and the need to minimize actions amounting to destruction of forests.

Growing trees, enhanced efforts to restore tress and suchlike were considered to be ways to improve forest conditions in Ghana at the event.

Mr Joseph Asante, the Senior Project Officer of Tropenbos Ghana, speaking at the programme underscores the benefits, importance and resources Ghana derived from the forest.

He mentioned for instance, gold, bauxite, timber and non timber production as some of benefits from forest reserves.

He said forests were being lost at unbearable rate due to illegal mining, illegal loggings, wild fires, and encroachment of forest for Cocoa and food production.

He, theretofore, appealed to the government to reform tree tenure so that farmers will have ownership of nature trees and as well as speed up the process for registration of planting trees to secure farmers interest in trees, since most farmers have desmonstrated interest in improving trees cover in Ghana.

By: Daniel Akwasi Nuako, Sefwi Eassam

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