Unaware moment an old woman in Funeral Cloth threw herself on Black Sherif in public

There is this new video trending on social media that sees Black Sherif caught unawares while an old woman threw herself into his arms at an event.

In the video, Black Sherif was caught unawares as he was busy on his phone fidgeting when the old woman pulled herself from the far end in a ‘Father Bernard’ style to him.

The woman held Blacko at his shoulder in excitement while she spoke to him singing praises and showing massive admiration for the VGMA2023 Artiste of the Year.

Though Black Sherif was not in any way expecting that, he kept his composure when the old woman got him. He smiled at her.



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The Video has caused a massive reaction as some netizens have asked Black Sherif to be wary of the old woman cos she could represent a bad omen.

The netizens who share this belief say Black Sherif should go for spiritual cleansing after the hug because that could mean a lot for his craft.

The other Users also blamed his security for allowing the old woman to throw herself on Blacko. What if the woman carried a deadly weapon, Blacko would have been hurt.

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