US police almost arrest Twene Jonas after mistaking him for a madman

Ghanaian socialite Twene Jonas was nearly arrested in the United States of America by local cops.

This was after he was mistaken for a madman.


According to the content of the available video, the cops thought he was mentally ill after he was reported dancing on the street.

Twene Jonas is known to be roaming the streets of New York with his phone camera on, where he rants and talks dispassionately about the disparity between Ghana and the West.

Sometimes he dances, but this time a distraught citizen called the cops on him when he was performing one of his weird dance moves on Facebook Live.


When confronted by the police, Twene Jonas had to swiftly defend his actions to avoid being picked up by the cops.

At a point, he nearly spoke Twi just to convince the concerned police officer that he was not mentally challenged and posed no threats to his immediate society.

Check out the video below…

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