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Western North Regional Communication Directorate Hails Akufo-Addo For Cocoa Price Increase



The Western North Regional Communication Directorate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) led by Mr. Yaw Addo Harry has expressed it’s heartfelt appreciation to Akufo Addo-Bawumia administration for their countless commitment for introducing more policies in cocoa sector which gears towards the welfare of the cocoa farmers in the country.

He cited for instance, the introduction of cocoa hand pollination, cocoa rehabilitation programme and pension scheme for cocoa farmers.

The rest are cocoa mass spraying exercise, construction of cocoa roads, scholarship for brilliant students but needy and as well as the recent increased of price from 660gh to 800gh per bag.

Mr Addo Harry described the new cocoa price by the government as a big relief to cocoa farmers in the country.

He was confident that with the new price of cocoa announced,  President Akufo Addo- was on course to achieve it target for this year’s cocoa season.


Find attached the Press Statement

We welcome you all to our maiden press conference which is mainly focused on the historical achievements of our government led by H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo and H.E Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia in the cocoa sector of our economy, which are transforming the living standards of our cherished Cocoa farmers, in contrary to the false picture painted by the National Democratic Congress Minority caucus led by Hon Dr. Cassiel Ato Forson, Ranking Member of Finance Committee of Parliament.

Nananom, our cherished Chief farmers, Pressmen, and Party members, it is on record that the National Democratic Congress has had no right policy in the cocoa sector since the inception of the 1992 Constitution but always travels on the van of TONA (TALK ONLY NO ACTION) to win the heart of the hardworking farmers for political gains but always perform abysmally poor in the cocoa sector when the nod is given to rule. No wonder their stewardship from 31st December 1981 to 7th January 2001 (19 years) witnessed the lowest Cocoa production in the history of Ghana which was 395,000 metric tonnes.

In fact, the New Patriotic Party under the stewardship of H.E John Agyekum Kufour with the right policies was able to increase production from 395,000 metric tonnes to 710,000 metric tonnes in the 2008 cocoa season and projected an increase to over One metric tonne in the 2010/2011 cocoa season as the result of our government’s right policies implemented, like the Cocoa Mass Spraying Exercise, Distribution of Free Cocoa Nursery to the farmers, mass cocoa pruning exercise, intensive cocoa extension exercises, subsidizing of fertilizers making it accessible and affordable to the farmers and limiting the rate of smuggling in the sector and lastly, giving the right farm gate prices to the farmers.

Ladies and Gentlemen, It is on record that, the former Chief Executive Officer of COCOBOD under the stewardship of H.E John Agyekum Kufour, Mr. Anthony Fofie made it known, through his publication dated 15th January 2009 ( that, through their laid down policies for the sector, Ghana will achieve over One Million Metric Tonnes in 2010/2011 and true to that, we achieved it, which the NDC couldn’t sustain in the subsequence years.


Photo of cocoa hand pollination in Western North.

This projected and achieved One million metric tonnes was reduced to 850, 000 metric tonnes in 2016 under the son of mismanagement government led by H.E John Dramani Mahama. This translated into a loss of 150,000 metric tonnes in 5 years under the incompetent H.E John Dramani Mahama regime.


Ladies and Gentlemen, please kindly assist us to plead to the ‘loud-mouth’ NDC, to tell us just one policy they have introduced in the cocoa sector that has increased production, created jobs for the youth in the cocoa regions, and helped to transform the living stand of the farmers in the said sector.

Pressmen, it is clear that the (P)NDC in their over twenty-seven years on the whelm of power has no existing policy in the cocoa sector.

Hand pollination in Western North

Nananom, it is remarkable to note that, the (P)NDC’s records in the cocoa growing regions are:

Poor roads
High unemployment rate
Lack of Cocoa scholarships for the cocoa farmers’ wards
Lack of communication networks



Employment created by this initiative in our region, Western North.

Bia West District-1,774
Bia East District- 2,222
Juaboso District- 1,850
Bodi District- 2,827
Suaman District- 2,200
Aowin District- 744
Akontombra- 2,380
Wiawso -1,300
Bekwai District-1,430
Bibiani -619

TOTAL = 17,346

Ladies and Gentlemen, the New Patriotic Party have employed a total number of 17,346 youth under the historic Cocoa Rehabilitation program in the region and pays each worker a monthly salary of GHC650.00.

This translates into GHC11,274,900 per month as the total amount of money that the government, through COCOBOD pays to the Region in the form of salaries.

This huge amount of money boosts the economy of the region and reduces the rate of crime as well as the dependency rate.
Kwasi Afrifa who used to be a worker under this initiative was able to save part of his monthly salary and today, he has been able to construct 2 rooms self-contained in the Bibiani – Anhwiaso – Bekwai District. It is worth noting that, the total number of employees in the Rehabilitation Program as quoted doesn’t include the Cocoa Mass Spraying workers which were also introduced by our government, and the workers under Disease Spotters and Technical Assistance category.


Bia West- 3,599
Bia East – 1,800
Bodi –1,739
Suaman – 218
Wiawso – 2000
Bekwai- 2,047
Bibiani – 2,201

The government through COCOBOD has been able to enroll a total number of 19,661 farmers into the program aside from the Juaboso District data.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is worth sharing that, COCOBOD gives GHC1000 per hectare to each farmer as compensation for rehabilitating their farms and an extra GHC1000 to the traditional land owners.


BIA WEST- 4352.88 ha
BIA EAST – 2800 ha
BODI- 4000 ha
AOWIN- 2264 ha
AKONTOMBRA- 5,421 ha
WIAWSO – 2100 ha
BEKWAI – 2,220 ha
Bibiani – 1348.61 ha
Suaman – 2840 ha
With the exclusion of the Juaboso district, a total of 34,498.49 ha of cocoa farms have been covered.


As a way of providing shields for the planted cocoa nurseries at the various cocoa farms, the government through COCOBOD procures and plant plantain suckers free of charge for our cherished farmers. The cocoa farmer becomes the owner of the planted plantains. In reality, our farmers are making a lot of money from the sale of these plantains.


As usual of the naysayer’s pathological posture of the NDC, they opposed and laugh over the idea of the cocoa pension scheme proposed by our government. Today, as the data on grounds has confirmed, Cocobod is implementing the Cocoa Farmers Pension Scheme which will serve as ‘anidaso’ for our aged cocoa farmers in the country.

We always think outside the box for effective and transformational policies that transform and secure the lives of our farmers.


This intensified hand pollination program has been of great help to our cherished farmers.



Kramokrom – Tigare (Yesukrom) Road
Adjoafoa – Asanteman Road
HennehKwanta- Aginkwamo Road
Essam Barrier – Oseikojokrom Road
Yamatwa Kwanta – Kaase Road
Abrewakrom – teacher Amankrom road



Debiso – Adabokrom road
Adabokrom – Kaase Road
Kwasare junction – Kofi-Yeboah Road


Bechemaa Barrier – Elluokrom Road

Proso Nkwanta – Kwaokrom Road

Juaboso Town Roads

Bozain Kwanta – Bozain town Roads

Afere Junction – Amoaya Road


Yayaso Junction – Bomplex Road
Aferewa Junction – Yawbrefo Junction Road
Bokabo – Besease Road
Sui Ano – Bodi Road


Dadieso Town Roads
Juaboso – Dadieso Road


Enchi to Elluibo road.
Enchi to Kordjourkrom road
Enchi to Akontombra Nkwanta on Dadieso Road


Wiawso – Akontombra Road
Kolbas – Oppongkrom Road
Akontombra – Dadieso Road
Nsawora – Yawkrom Road
Nsawora – Asanteman Road
Yawkrom – Bodi Junction Road
Bopa Kwanta – Fordjourkrom Road
Bawakrom Junction – Besiba Road
Bowohomoden Junction – Bowohomoden Road
Bokaso – Bosompim Road
Bokaso – Adukwasi Road
Tanokrom Junction – Dampteykrom Road



Bosomoinso junction-Bosomoinso Road
Penakrom-Futa Road
Wiawso-Amafie Road
Wiawso town roads Road
Dwenase – Nsuonsua Road
Asafo – Achienchen Road
Asawinso – Kojina – Essakrom Road
Punikrom – Keteboi Road



Asawinso A – Mera- Road
Subiri Nkwanta – Chirano Road
Pataboso Junction – Kumkumso Road
Bibiani Town roads
Tanoso – Adupri Road

Ladies and Gentlemen, the evidence as stated above and being witnessed by the people of Western North Region, is loud and clear, that, our achievements in the road sector in the region are unmatched as compared to that of any other government since 1957.

Nananom present, my colleagues mass media Communicators, and party faithfuls, it is well established as per the facts laid before you in this press statement that, the government, our government, and your government have done extremely well by increasing the farm gate price per a bag of Cocoa to GHC800.00 taking into considering these advanced and expensive interventions he is implementing in the sector.

It is worth stating, that, the farmers during the NDC regime didn’t benefit from the following initiative as they are doing now. These policies weren’t in existence in their era but failed to increase the price of cocoa to the deserved level of the farmers.

1. Massive Cocoa Rehabilitation Exercise
2. Massive Employment in the Cocoa Growing Regions as we are witnessing now
3. Mass Hand Pollination Exercise
4. Cocoa Farmers Pension Scheme
5. Massive Road Construction works
6. Decentralization of Scholarship
7. Payment of GHC1000 per hector to farmers for Rehabilitating their farms
8. Payment of Compensations to traditional farmland owners
9. Distribution and Planting of plantain Suckers free of charge for the farmers
10. Free SHS policy

Photo of Benchema-Adjoafuah Road.

We care for our farmers.

We love our farmers that is why we keep enrolling life-changing policies to transform not only the sector but also the sector players.

God bless us all

By: Daniel Akwasi Nuako, Bibiani



National: 2023 Budget: TUC to reject government’s salary projection of ₵44.9m





After several attempts to reach an agreement with government over an increment in their base pay, the Trades Union Congress (TUC) is expected to meet government on Wednesday to finalise a deal.

But before that meeting gets underway, the Trades Union Congress is warning that it will not accept government’s projections in the 2023 Budget.

The Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta, reading the 2023 Budget in Parliament projected compensation of employees at GH¢44,990 million (5.6% of GDP).

Earlier, government also proposed a 12% salary increment during the last negotiation with Organised Labour but it was turned down.


Speaking on JoyNews’ PM Express on Tuesday, Deputy General Secretary of TUC, Joshua Ansah stated that they would not agree to the projected figure.

According to Mr Ansah, government must expect a fight if they turn up at the meeting with the same proposal.

JoyNews/AdomNews · TUC to reject government’s salary projection in 2023 Budget
“There is no way Organised Labour is also going to accept what has been put in the budget. Well, if the government has made up its mind that it is the way it thinks that he can actually force down the throat of workers, then we are in for a big fight, because there is no way government can pay anything below what we are expecting,” he said.

He noted that Organised Labour will not compromise on their demand for 60% increment in their base pay.

Meanwhile, the President of the Ghana Medical Association, Dr. Justice Yankson says government has created a problem by not reaching an agreement with the labour unions earlier.

JoyNews/AdomNews · Dr Yankson on organised labour and government’s negotiations
He believes the current mess could have been prevented.

“These are some of the problems that sometimes we create for ourselves. We had a whole period in which we could have sorted these things, we waited to the last end. Now we can see that we are on a collition course, it is clear,” he said.

Source: Myjoyonline


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Politics: Wenchi High Court throws out petition against NPP MP’s 2020 election victory




A Wenchi High Court has thrown out a petition against New Patriotic Party (NPP) legislator in the Techiman South 2020 election.

The petitioner was seeking the nullification of the poll which saw the NPP candidate, Martin Agyei Mensah Korsah, emerge victorious.

But at the hearing Wednesday, the court explained that the NDC 2020 Parliamentary candidate, Christopher Bayere, who was pursuing the matter, failed to prove the burden of petitioning.

The court was attended by some leaders of the NDC including General Secretary, Johnson Asiedu Nketia.

Wenchi High Court throws out petition against NPP MP’s 2020 election victory
He was sighted leaving the court premises a few minutes before the judgement.

The NDC Parliamentary candidate had contested the EC’s verdict which gave the NPP’s candidate victory with 49,682 votes representing 50.2 percent of the total valid votes cast, whilst the NDC’s candidate had 49,205 votes representing 49.8 percent of the total valid votes cast.

The NDC Parliamentary candidate insisted that the figures were not a true reflection of the election.

According to him, per the pink sheets of the NDC agents at each of the 267 polling stations, he garnered 50,306 votes in the Parliamentary election whilst the 1st Respondent polled 50,013 votes.

Wenchi High Court throws out petition against NPP MP’s 2020 election victory
Electoral Commission fined in 2021

In August 2021, the Electoral Commission of Ghana was fined GH¢4,000 by the court after the Court refused to grant the EC’s request for a stay of proceedings in the dispute on July 30, 2021.

Wenchi High Court throws out petition against NPP MP’s 2020 election victory
The EC’s application for a stay of proceedings was to enable it to file a motion to challenge the ruling of the Court at its previous sitting, when it granted the petitioner a motion to amend the title of the writ.

TCounsel for the EC, Emmanuel Addae said the stay of proceedings was to enable him to file supplementary statements in support of the application filed by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) candidate, Mr Christopher Beyere Baasongti.

However, reacting to the EC’s stay of proceedings, the Counsel for the petitioner, Justin Teriwajah argued that the motion was frivolous and unnecessarily geared towards delaying the adjudication of the case.

Source: Myjoyonline


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Football: Asamoah Gyan’s run, Bagbin’s dance and Black Stars fans’ clean-up as fans celebrate S. Korea win in style




It was the much-needed win for Ghanaians who were largely sitting on tenterhooks for the final quarter of the game.

And from the reactions, after the South Koreans netted a quickfire double between the 58th and 61st minutes, something had to definitely happen.

Kudus rose to the occasion, found himself at the end of a Gideon Mensah cross and curled the ball past the goalkeeper to restore Ghana’s lead and eventually sealed the game for Black Stars.

Asamoah Gyan’s run, Bagbin’s dance and Black Stars fans’ clean-up as fans celebrate S. Korea win in style
The 68th-minute winner triggered a thunderous celebration across the country and on social media.

Despite late attempts from the Koreans, the game ended 3-2 with Ghana earning a vital win in Group H.

Asamoah Gyan’s run, Bagbin’s dance and Black Stars fans’ clean-up as fans celebrate S. Korea win in style
Alban Bagbin

The jubilation started right from Ghana’s legislative arm where the Speaker, Alban Bagbin was caught on camera dancing to one of the goals on the day from his office.

The ecstatic Speaker punched the air while clad in his Black Star jersey in the company of other officials of the House.

Asamoah Gyan runs

Former Black Stars captain, Asamoah Gyan was on punditry duty at SuperSports TV.

However, the ethics of being on a live set could not suppress his excitement when the deciding goal was scored.

Filled with elation, the former skipper run out of the set in jubilation shouting atop his voice.

His iconic goal celebration was his response when asked about his reaction to some moments of the game.

Fans in clean-up mode

Now, supporters of Japan’s national team have been earning praise in Qatar for their zeal toward cleanliness after each game.

This win seems to have presented Ghanaian fans with the opportunity to emulate this off-pitch tradition.

While many celebrated the win at full-time, other fans were seen moving boxes around to collect the waste left by their colleagues.

South Korea’s Son not in selfie mood

Another interesting sight came from an official from the Ghana dressing room posing for a selfie.

The subject Son Heung-min was almost in tears after his team lost at full-time.

Otto Addo’s side will now face Uruguay in their last game looking to secure qualification to the next stage of the competition.

Source: Myjoyonline


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