“What if they are witches? – Fantana On Why She Doesn’t Dash Money Online

Fantana, a musician and songwriter from Ghana, recently aroused interest and a lot of curiosity when she revealed on social media how she gives money in an unusual way.



The ‘So What’ singer emphasized her reluctance to engage in online financial gestures during an interview with Giovani Caleb and AJ Sarpong on 3FM 92.7. She cited her concern that she would unintentionally help someone with bad motives.

Fantana responded to Giovani and gave an explanation for why she doesn’t donate money to those who ask for it on social media.

The ‘Rich Gyal Antem’ singer stated, “That’s a lot. For me, if I see you physically then I can pray over the money and give it to you. I don’t just give strangers money because I don’t if you are a witch.”

The singer’s remarks have sparked conversations online, with fans and followers expressing both support and curiosity about her perspective.

It also highlights a belief deeply rooted in Ghanaian folklore, where the concept of witchcraft and black magic holds significance in our society even in the 21st century.

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