Wife kills herself after her husband found out their 3 kids are not his

A lot of serious and dangerous things are happening in marriages these days. The recent marital revelations have made marriage unattractive to some people, especially the youth.

The daring and chilling revelations are such that it gets one to question the love they claim to be the prime basis of every marriage

In yet another sad story obtained, a wife has taken her life after her husband uncovered a hidden truth that has been hidden from him for years in their marriage.

Apparently, the husband found out that 3 out of 4 of their kids are not his kind courtesy of a DNA test conducted.

An emotional husband in a viral Tik Tok video, disclosed that he got to know this truth when his first child (a girl) took a DNA test for school to figure out her ancestry.

Following the test, the daughter walked up to him and broke the news to him amid worry and dismay.

He kept it from his wife and never asked her until he went on to carry out DNA tests on 2 other kids of his. The results turned out that he is not the father of the kids.

Following this shock, he confronted the wife, she lied to him and later said she cheated only once.

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