Woman mocks her sister for not owning a car despite spending several years in Germany /Watch Video

A Ghanaian woman who currently resides in the US has received massive backlash on the internet after indirectly mocking her elder sister who also stays in Germany.

In a trending video, the woman mocked her elder sister for not owning a car despite spending several years in Germany and getting paid in Euros.

According to the woman, she’s massively disappointed in her sister because she should have owned a car by now and not commuted via public transport.

She additionally lamented over the fact that her sister is taking her around town via public bus and train which she’s not familiar with because she has many private cars in the US and that’s much more comfortable.

Although the woman appeared to be making fun of her elder sister but social media users have expressed their utter disgust for the woman for publicly ‘disgracing’ her sister.

@Eboateng80 on Instagram for instance wrote; A large percentage in europe take buss because of how it connects and how fast it is. Also it saves a lot of money and the bad side is busses not moving holidays. The whites even take more bus than the blacks.

@Abenasweetheart – Germany is really well developed in terms of transportation paaa Aunty boi ?? .. here most of the white people take Public transport, bicycle, Roller ? to work. I spent over 4000 euros for my driving license which is quite difficult to obtain comparing with the US but I still go with the train to work.. cuz it’s less expensive and convenient


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