Woman Who Has Been Married For Five Months Reveals How Her Husband Infected Her HIV/AIDS


A married woman has been forced to live with the deadliest sexually transmitted disease HIV/AIDS.

The woman who has been married for only five months took to social media, Facebook to be precise to recount the details leading to her ordeal.

The woman revealed how she has been suspecting her husband of cheating when he started seeing him hanging around a young lady.

But upon confrontation, he denied dating the lady. He explained that the lady was just a family member and he was helping her out.

Well, it turns out he lied about the lady. A later confrontation after the lady was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS proved that the 24 year old lady had infected her husband who then transferred it to her.

Read her full story below;

“I am in so much pain right now. I got married last year. Before marriage, I was HIV negative and so was my husband.

Just somewhere in December, my husband started seeing a young lady of about twenty-four years. He has saved her contact as Karen so I presume that’s her name.

I cautioned him about the sort of messages he is exchanging with the lady but he got angry saying, I am reading meanings into the whole thing

He said the girl is a distant relative he met at one of his aunties wedding in December blah blah blah and I let it slide. Early February, I figured my husband is having an affair with the lady. I became so angry that I had to involved his mom.

After a long disagreement and misunderstanding between us, he said he is letting go of the lady which I believe he probably did.

Mid of March, I realized I was pregnant so I visited the hospital and it was confirmed that I was three weeks pregnant.

Just this past Monday I went to have some tests and guess what, I was confirmed HIV positive.

I doubted the results so I visited another hospital and it showed the same results. I called my husband to come have his own test that instant and yes, he has it.

That was when I started weeping and begging him to tell me the truth because just before we got married in November last year, we were both negative.

We went to check together Sir. We even knew we will be negative so we didn’t panic.

Sir, my husband confessed to me that very moment that it could be the girl because they have had an encounter on a few occasions plus, he didn’t use condoms but pulled out instead. He said she is the only lady he has been with since we got married.

Anyway, the girl has told him the truth that she already knew she was HIV positive that’s why she insisted he uses a condom blah blah blah but he refused. Me I have left the marriage. I am done with him.

His family is on my neck as if I did something. Will going back to him undo the harm? Will it fix my life? Just five months of marriage and you ruin my entire life.

“I will just poison him if they dare convince me to go back. I regret everything..

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