Yk Osiris Threatens to ‘smack the Sh-t’ Out of Lil Wayne’s Daughter’s Ex

YK Osiris has threatened to “smack the shit” out of Lil Wayne‘s daughter’s ex-boyfriend, who allegedly idly sat by as her house was broken into.

Reginae Carter, Weezy’s 24-year-old daughter, had previously taken to Twitter and said her home was targeted by home invaders while she was out of town, and said the horrifying ordeal had inspired her to lead a more private life.



“Two guys tried to break in my home last night,” she wrote. “So Glad I wasn’t there [prayer hands emoji] people are sick !”

She then added: “This is my sign to get Tf out of here, and to be more private and more to myself about everything.”

In a follow-up video posted on her Instagram Story, and reshared by The Shade Room, Carter said she learned that her boyfriend Armon Warren had made a commentary YouTube video to speak on the robbery, but at the time never even checked in on his partner to make sure she was alright.

“When I see so many females bashing me because I go on Instagram and Twitter and I’m filled with emotions, and everybody does it, our generation we grew up on that…but I can’t do it cause I’m Reginae Carter…and if I do it I’m bashing somebody,” Carter said in her tearful video.

“That’s not the case. I love very hard and I’m very genuine and something really big happened to me and the person who I love did not check on me, but he made a YouTube video, so yes I do feel like that’s a little clout chasing.”

She continued: “I do feel like that’s love bombing, I do! Because that’s the person who I love and he didn’t make sure I was okay. He didn’t make sure I was good.”


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YK Osiris then slid into The Shade Room’s comment section, writing “Awww I knew I would be the one.” Shortly after, he posted on his Instagram Story, “@itsreginaecarter it’s ok you are a beautiful woman you should always speak your mind. Especially when a lame ass n-gga make you look bad.”

The R&B singer also posted a since-deleted screenshot of a text exchange he had with Warren after watching Carter’s emotional video.

“Don’t ever bring your bitchass in my DM I’ll slap the shit out of you n-gga that’s on my son especially wen I don’t know you,” Osiris wrote.

“Lmao boy you a bitch,” Warren replied. “Ima show you tho I promise that stop texting n-gga I said what it is Ima see you.”

YK Osiris had previously tried to shoot his shot at Weezy’s young daughter, taking to his Instagram Stories in 2020 to proclaim his affection for Reginae Carter.

“Reginae c’mon just give me a chance,” Osiris pleaded in the video. “I’m not like these other rappers, I’m gonna give you the world stop leaving me on read baby please.”

In a follow-up interview with The Shade Room, Reginae Carter said she ultimately turned down the “Worth It” hitmaker because he was doing too much.

“I’m very low-key,” she said. “I didn’t like it cause like, ‘are you looking for clout? You dropping something? What are you on?’ Like I don’t like that…he’s too lightskinned for me.”



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